Skull and Bones Has Been Rated In South Korea

skull and bones

Having started life as an experiment way back in 2013, Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones is still in development at this point in time, more so with no sight of a release date. The French publisher recently assured fans that the game is still scheduled to launch by March 31, 2023 and it seems as though we have just gotten more proof for that statement.

Skull and Bones has been recently rated in South Korea, as reported by VGC. The game’s PC version has been rated by South Korea’s Game Management Committee, which has a deliberation date of 12th May. The rating also describes the depiction of alcohol and drug consumption, and as such – the game isn’t suitable for the youth (at least in South Korea).

There’s still no release date available as of yet, but it seems that we will be getting that information sometime soon. Until then, viewers are advised to stay tuned for all updates on the matter.

skull and bones south korea rating

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