Sniper Elite 5 Accessibility Features Detailed – Customizable Audio, Inputs, Difficulty, and More

sniper elite 5

The games industry has been making much-needed strides in making the medium more accessible to players of all abilities, and more and more games have been taking steps to the same effect. Another game that’ll be doing so is Rebellion’s upcoming stealth tactical shooter Sniper Elite 5, whose accessibility features recently got detailed in an Xbox Wire post.

“It’s important to us that as many people as possible can play our games and so we’ve worked hard to reduce barriers and make Sniper Elite 5 more approachable,” writes Cari Watterton, Senior Designer – Accessibility.

So what can we expect from Sniper Elite 5 on the accessibility front? Starting with the basics, there will, of course, be difficulty options, with five levels ranging from Civilian to Authentic, and difficulty can be changed at any time. Civilian difficulty will lower damage, enemy encounters, and enemy awareness.

Meanwhile, regardless of which difficulty setting you’re playing on, you can also manually and independently customize the combat, sniping, and tactical aspects of the game. Additionally, the Advanced Difficulty setting will also allow finetuning of various other aspects of the game, including what is displayed on the radar, health regeneration, enemy AI, and more.

The game will also feature detailed tutorials, which are also customizable in various ways, such as changing the frequency with which they pop up. Additionally, you can also reset tutorials, so if you go back to playing the game after not having spent time with it for a while, you can simply reset its tutorials and easily get your bearings without having to, say, restart the game.

Other accessibility options include being able to finetune how subtitles are displayed, including their size, colour, and background opacity, while several HUD and UI elements’ sizes can also be scaled. Colour blindness adjustments for three variants will also be included, which will adjust the colour of things such as indicators for enemy awareness and location markers.

Audio, too, can be finetuned in various ways, with sliders available to individually adjust the volume of things such as hit feedback, dialogue, and enemy awareness cues. In the game’s multiplayer offerings, voice chat volume can be individually adjusted, or disabled entirely. The game will also allow players to adjust the Dynamic Audio Range in case you want to reduce the volume of explosions or other loud noises.

Sniper Elite 5 also features plenty of aim assist options, with different settings also being available for hip firing, scope firing, and iron sights firing. Full controller remapping will also be available for those playing with a mouse and keyboard, while players using a controller will be able to select six different presets (three each for left and right handed players).

Finally, various visual options will also be included, like being able to disable Motion Blur and Binocular Distortion to help with any motion sickness. The more squeamish players who don’t like gore, meanwhile, can also entirely disable Kill Cams and X-Rays.

Sniper Elite 5 is due out for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 26.

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