Sniper Elite 5 Guide – All Weapons and How to Unlock Them

sniper elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 starts you off with six weapons – a small but dependable arsenal. As you complete missions and different challenges, you’ll unlock a total of 18 weapons. Let’s take a look at all of the weapons and how to go about unlocking them.

Certain challenges require slaying a “Kill List” target in a specific way. To accomplish this, first save manually. Go to the target in question and execute them as per the conditions. You can check Kill Challenges by going over to Objectives, then “Kill List” objective. The Kill Challenge should be specified in the bottom right.

Here are all of the weapons along with the requirements to unlock them, starting with the Sniper Rifles.

  • SREM-1 – Available by default.
  • M.1903 – Available by default.
  • Gewehr 1943 – Complete Mission 3.
  • M1A Carbine – Complete Mission 5.
  • Karabiner 98 – In Mission 2, the Kill Challenge requires crushing the target with a chandelier in the Chateau. To accomplish this, first knock him out, then bring him to the hall in the east part of the castle. Place him under a chandelier and shoot its chain to drop it on him.
  • RSC 1918 – In Mission 7, kill the target with a V2. Look for the building where the target hands out. You’ll see a V2 rocket in the wind tunnel. Once again, knock him out, carry him under the V2 and then shoot the hooks to drop it on him. Alternatively, press the switch upstairs to drop it.

Next up are the Secondary Weapons. Here are their requirements:

  • M1A1 GOV. – Available by default.
  • Welgun SMG – Available by default.
  • Stengun MK2 – Complete Mission 6.
  • Machine Pist.44 – In Mission 4, the target must be slain with a Rat Bomb. This can be found in the default starting point. First, go to the target’s room and place the bomb under the shelves. Next, find the target, and knock him out, then carry him to the room with the rat bomb. Shoot the bomb and it should kill him. If not, shoot him once in the leg before knocking him out to guarantee the kill.
  • Type 100 – In Mission 5, you must kill the target by burying him in concrete. Once again, look for the target and knock him out. Go to the construction site’s upper level and sabotage the concrete machine. When the concrete starts pouring out, chuck the target over and he’ll be buried in it.
  • Machine Pist.40 – In Mission 1, you must kill the target with an explosion. Either shoot an explosive canister nearby when the target is passing or toss a sticky bomb to do the deed.

Finally, let’s take a look at the requirements for unlocking the Pistols:

  • Welrod – Available by default.
  • M1911 – Available by default.
  • MK VI Revolver – Complete Mission 2.
  • Pistol 08 – In Mission 3, you’re required to kill a target with a stealth takedown. Simply go to the top floor in the cathedral. Be careful of other enemies – use a silenced pistol to kill them without raising an alarm. On the top floor, open the side door with the key from the patrolling officer. Wait for the meeting to finish and get behind the target for a melee takedown.
  • Model D – In Mission 6, you must use poison to slay the target. First, go to the target’s location, which is a villa. There’s some poison on the ground floor. Take it and go upstairs, then put it in the glass outside the target’s door. Press the bell and go hide. Once the target comes out, he’ll drink the water and die.
  • Type 14 Nambu – In Mission 8, you must kill the target with a Type 14 Nambu or Type 100. If you don’t have the Type 100, simply go to the target’s location. There will be an officer with a Type 14 Nambu pistol and another one upstairs just laying around. Choose either and shoot the target to complete the challenge.

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