Solar Ash Trophy List Revealed, Platinum Trophy Requires Multiple Playthroughs

Solar Ash

Annapurna Interactive and Heart Machine’s upcoming Solar Ash is just around the corner, and the game’s Trophy list has recently gone live on Exosphase. There are a total of 33 Trophies in the game, and seeing the game to completion will net players a total of 1,350 points.

The game’s Platinum Trophy, of course, requires obtaining all Trophies. However, doing so will require players to pull off feats that might be impossible to complete within a single playthrough. To get the Platinum, you have to complete the game in under 3 hours. You also have to complete the game on the Hardcore difficulty, which may or may not be available from the onset.

Solar Ash was delayed weeks before its October release date to December 2nd, 2021. The game is exclusive to PlayStation consoles, although it will be available on PC too. Solar Ash has looked promising in its showing thus far, and hopefully it manages to meet expectations at release.

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