Sons of the Forest – Overhauled Building Mechanics Showcased in New Gameplay

Sons of the Forest_10

Endnight Games’ Sons of the Forest isn’t straying too far from making the original a success, be it the sandbox design, survival horror elements or resource gathering. However, it’s revamping a lot, like the building mechanics. A new preview by IGN showcases how the system has changed and become more intuitive.

Instead of gathering materials and either filling in blueprints or manipulating the object outline, you’ll now realistically chop wood. So if you want to make spikes on top of a wall of wooden logs, you’ll cut a bit off the top. Magnetic and snapping tools allow you to place them in any direction.

Of course, those who liked the original’s blueprints don’t have to worry – they’re still here. But for those who’d like some more expression, the new system looks fun.

Sons of the Forest is out on February 23rd for PC. For more details on other new mechanics, like AI companions, head here. You can also check out our interview with the developer here.

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