Sony Has Launched Dedicated “Ultimate FAQ” For All Your PS5 Questions

A primer for what to know about your new console.

PS5 Logo

This week is the week for the launch of Sony’s PS5. Or well, depending on your region, next week could be the week but I digress. Sony has largely lifted the veil on the machine in an effort to get as much information that you’ll need in case you’re lucky enough to get one this week. For instance, they released a handy set of instructional videos for the basics of the system, which you can see through here. If you’re looking for something a little more comprehensive and text-based, they got something for you, too.

Sony has seen fit to release what they are calling the Ultimate FAQ for the PS5 on their official website. While it’s hard to say if it’ll actually answer every question you could have, it has just about everything here from launch dates, prices, USB compatibility, SSD shortage and much more. You can see the full Ultimate FAQ in all its glory through here.

The PlayStation 5 will launch November 12th in select regions. For those in those regions, it seems there are reports that PS5s have started to ship out, so keep your eyes peeled to your emails. Worldwide, the system will ship on the 19th.

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