Sony Is “Closely Monitoring” Nintendo’s Switch OLED Pricing, Analyst Claims

nintendo switch oled

An analyst by the name of Hideki Yasuda has claimed that Sony is monitoring Nintendo’s pricing for its newly-announced Switch OLED model. In a report featured in The Japan Times as reported by Nintendo Life, the analyst claims that Nintendo Switch’s OLED’s success could set a precedent within the industry, giving other manufacturers incentives to tap into pricing mid-life console upgrades at a higher price. 

According to the report, producing a Switch OLED model only costs $10 more for Nintendo which should net the Kyoto-based giant a $40 profit on each sell. Nintendo is pricing the OLED model higher than the console’s base variant, even though its a mid-life upgrade with identical computing hardware. Of course, this has reportedly been noted by Sony who is closely monitoring the situation. 

The consistently high demand for the Switch has allowed Nintendo to keep its pricing the same as launch. Thus, it makes sense that Sony might eventually want to tap into the same strategy, since the PS5 has proven to be the fastest selling console in US history. 

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