Sony Is Discontinuing Video Rentals And Purchases On PlayStation Store

The long running side of the PS Store will go offline in August.

PlayStation logo

As gaming has evolved, so too has gaming hardware. Once upon time, all they did was play games and nothing more. Slowly, that changed, largely because of Sony as they introduced things like CD and DVD players. Now both Sony and Microsoft have turned their PlayStations and Xboxs into multimedia machine with tons of streaming apps and digital rentals (even Nintendo has, though to be a much lesser degree). Well, it seems as if on the PlayStation side, they are actually pulling back a tad there.

It was announced on the official blog that starting August 31st, Sony would no longer offer video purchases and rentals. They assure you that you will still be able to access the TV shows and films you’ve purchased in the past even beyond that point.

At the beginning of 2020, Sony also discontinued PlayStation Vue, a live TV service. With so many options on the market at this point in time ranging from Amazon to Apple, it seems Sony has decided to get out of that race entirely.

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