Sony Pays Rick And Morty To Shamelessly Sell You On The PS5

The popular animated series sells out to cash in.

PS5 Logo

Sony managed to launch the PS5 this year despite a worldwide pandemic, and now it’s time for celebration, and for the real marketing to begin. While PS5s are scarce right now, it won’t always be that way, and you got to get people sold on the machine even if you can’t sell it to them just yet. Today we got a neat little ad from a popular TV show to hopefully do just that.

A new ad popped up from Adult Swim that used the titular duo from their main show, Rick and Morty. In it Rick counts that nice bit of cash Sony slid their way as Morty sells you on the system’s features. It’s actually not the first time Sony has had some ads with the characters, as Death Stranding also got a Rick and Morty-themed commercial when it launched last year. Overall, this is pretty tame compared to the usual contents of the show, though there’s a few bleeps toward the end, and well, it’s not hard to use your imagination to figure out what was under them. Check it out below.

The PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.

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