Sony Santa Monica Is Hiring A Lead Writer For An Unannounced Title

The God of War developer is looking for someone to write for something new.

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Sony Santa Monica has largely been synonymous with the God of War franchise since the first game released back in 2004. That was reinforced with 2018’s God of War that saw huge critical acclaim and sales for the company. The sequel to that game, Raganork, has been announced to come this year (though that seems unlikely at this point), but it’s not the only thing the company has cooking up.

On their official Twitter, Santa Monica has put up a listing for a Lead Writer job on a new unannounced project. This actually isn’t the first time we’ve heard of them working on something else, as at the beginning of the year they were also hiring for an Art Director for a title. It’s unclear if these job listings are for the same project or not, but it seems likely unless the company is working on a few smaller games alongside Raganork.

Whether this is a new IP or a God of War spin-off is anyone’s guess at this point. It’s hard to parse how far along a project is without knowing its scope and the nature of game development means people come and go frequently, but with these positions being looked for, the odds are whatever this is is probably a good ways off.

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