Soul Hackers 2 Sold Over 51,000 Units in Japan on Debut

soul hackers 2

Famitsu has released the latest weekly data for physical software and hardware sales in Japan, and there’s quite a bit to talk about this week. Surprisingly, the majority of games in the top 10 of the software charts are new releases. Among these, Atlus’ Soul Hackers 2 occupies two places, with the PS4 and PS5 versions coming in at No. 3 and No. 5 respectively. Collectively, the RPG has sold over 51,000 units at launch in the region.

The highest selling game of the week, however, is Earth Defense Force 6, which recently launched in Japan. It also occupies two places, with the PS4 version taking the top spot with over 68,000 units sold and the PS5 version coming in at No. 4 respectively with over 24,000 units sold.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is the next new release of the week that figures into the charts, and it also occupies multiple places. Its Nintendo Switch version takes the second spot with over 38,000 units sold, the PS4 version comes in at sixth place with over 17,000 units sold, and the PS5 version slots in at No. 10 with over 9,000 units sold. The final new release of the week in the top 10, meanwhile, is Saints Row, selling over 10,000 units and taking the ninth spot.

On the hardware front, meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch is dominant once again, collectively selling over 113,000 units across all of its models. The PS5 trails by a massive gap, having moved over 25,000 units over the course of the week, while the Xbox Series consoles follow with over 16,000 units sold.

You can check out the full software and hardware charts for the week ending August 28 below.

Software sales (followed by last week’s sales):

  1. [PS4] Earth Defense Force 6 – 68,341 (New)
  2. [NSW] SD Gundam Battle Alliance – 38,634 (New)
  3. [PS4] Soul Hackers 2 – 31,604 (New)
  4. [PS5] Earth Defense Force 6 – 24,363 (New)
  5. [PS5] Soul Hackers 2 – 20,257 (New)
  6. [PS4] SD Gundam Battle Alliance – 17,950 (New)
  7. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 11,644 (4,802,581)
  8. [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sports – 10,576 (706,637)
  9. [PS4] Saints Row – 10,013 (New)
  10. [PS5] SD Gundam Battle Alliance – 9,625 (New)

Hardware sales:

  • Nintendo Switch – 113,530
  • PS5 – 25,109
  • Xbox Series X/S – 16,726

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