Soul Hackers 2 Trailer Showcases More Story Scenes and New Villains

Soul Hackers 2

The second official trailer for Soul Hackers 2, Atlus’s follow-up to the cult-classic RPG, has been released. There’s quite a bit of story material, including the introduction of the main antagonist Iron Mask. According to the official Japanese website, he’s a member of the Phantom Society and in charge of the “C” project. He also commands Zenon, an artificial demon referred to as “Zoma.”

The trailer sees the duo killing computer engineer Ichiro Onda and seizing the Red Covenant. It’s noted that someone possessing all of the Covenants could end the world so this may be Phantom Society’s big plan. Either way, protagonist Ringo and her allies have to stop them at any cost.

Soul Hackers 2 launches on August 26th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. In Japan, pre-purchasing the game nets the “Persona 5” Costume & BGM Set 2 which adds Phantom Thieves outfits various party members. It also provides the battle BGM “Keeper of Lust” along with the Phantom Mask Accessory which increases the critical rate of gun attacks.

There’s also the limited physical Soul Hackers 2 25th Anniversary Edition which includes the base game, an Aiho-kun Figure, Aiho-kun DLC, Mary’s Maid Outfit DLC, an anniversary book and music album.

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