Soulstice Gets a New Story Trailer Announcing Demo for August


Publisher Modus Games and developer Reply Game Studios have released a new story trailer for Soulstice, alongside a new cinematic story trailer. The companies also announced that a demo for Soulstice will be coming to Steam in August. Early access to the demo becomes available after signing up on the official website.

Soulstice revolves around the stories of Briar and Lute, both of whom will be controllable in the game. Where Briar focuses on attacks and combos, Lute has the power to control the battlefield with her special abilities. Both characters can combine their abilities to use powerful transformations.

The story of Soulstice revolves around the two sisters—Briar and Lute—fighting to protect humanity from a feral, otherworldly force. The game will largely take place in the city of Ilden, and the game’s art has been inspired by Japanese dark fantasy classics like Berserk.

Soulstice got a trailer last year that showed off quite a bit of its gameplay. While not a long trailer, it showcased fast and slick combat against a variety of enemies, alongside a glimpse at some major set pieces and boss fights.

Soulstice is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on September 20.

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