Spelunky 2 Creator Looking Into Tweaking First Area’s Difficulty

Changes for spawn rates of enemies and traps in World 1-1 and 1-2 are currently being tested.

Spelunky 2_06

If you’ve played the original Spelunky, it should come as no surprise that Spelunky 2 is tough. However, the first game was praised for easing players in, ramping the difficulty up in a way that felt right. With Mossmouth’s sequel, it feels like the first area, Dwelling, is much tougher than it should be.

Creator Derek Yu acknowledged this and in a new post on Steam, he talked about changes that are being tested. These affect the “spawn rates of enemies and traps, particularly in 1-1 and 1-2.” World 1-4 is also seeing some changes to make it “more interesting” and players can expect these changes in an upcoming patch. Yu also noted that instead of trying to kill everything in Dwelling, it’s better for players to either avoid them, “let them kill each other or trigger traps for you.”

Yu also addressed a complaint that some had for a section in Volcana. While the developer will look into it, he couldn’t confirm if it would actually be addressed. “In general, we have to be somewhat careful about how we go about changing the game based on player feedback. Ultimately, Spelunky is a game that is designed to have some sharp edges in it, and there’s always the risk of removing fun along with the frustration.”

Spelunky 2 is currently available for PS4 and PC. You can read more about it in our review here.

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