Spelunky 2 is Now Available for PC

Steam users can finally get their hands on the roguelike platformer.

Spelunky 2_03

The long-awaited roguelike platformer Spelunky 2 is out now on PC via Steam. It launches without online multiplayer (since Mossmouth needed more time to iron out issues) but still offers a compelling experience. You can check out our thoughts on the PS4 version here.

Spelunky 2 follows Ana, who’s mother and father have ventured to the Moon to comb its depths and gone missing. Much like the first game, the walls keep shifting, resulting in a different layout each time. Along with major changes to vendors, ghosts and whatnot, the sequel offers hidden layers in each level to explore.

There are also alternate paths, new traps and enemies, mounts, and new liquid physics, which means that lava can flow freely and murder you pretty quickly. Between runs, players can upgrade their base camp and hang out with any unlocked characters. Mossmouth has also teased “deeper mysteries” that the community has to solve together but we’ll see how that manifests in the coming weeks. Stay tuned in the meantime.

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