Spelunky 2 is Now Available for PS4

Launch trailer hypes up Ana’s journey into the Moon.

Spelunky 2_06

Years after its initial announcement, Mossmouth’s highly-anticipated Spelunky 2 is finally available for PS4. Much like the original, it’s a roguelike platformer that sees players investigating constantly changing catacombs. This time around however, protagonist Ana is on the lookout for her family on the Moon. Check out the trailer below.

Finding them won’t be easy though – if you’ve played the first game, then there are plenty more dangers here to keep you occupied. From realistic fluid physics allowing lava to flow naturally to mounts and other horrifying obstacles, Ana has her work cut out for her. The good news is that players won’t have to go it alone – Spelunky 2 features local four player co-op and online play.

With branching paths, layers, more items and much bigger levels, there’s quite a lot to see in Spelunky 2. It’s currently available for PS4 but the PC version is slated to release on September 29th via Steam. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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