Square Enix’s Plan For Marvel’s Avengers Turnaround Is “Ample Additional Content”

DLC assemble.

marvel's avengers image

By now, it’s no secret that Square Enix’s live service title based on the Avengers did not perform well. The game was said to be the major reason behind a $62 million loss for the company in the last financial year. While on one level it’s shocking to think an IP seemed to be a slam dunk ended up here, the reality is that the market is flooded with these types of games nowadays. The question now is how will Square pull the nose up on this one? Well, it seems the answer is pretty obvious.

In their most recent financial report, as the losses and underperformance of Avengers was noted, President Yosuke Matsuda did give some insight into what the plans are. When talking about the recovery plan, it was simple, saying “to make up for slow initial sales by offering ample additional content” in the second half of the companies fiscal year that continues to run until March 31st of next year. We know some of that content already, such as the upcoming Kate Bishop character arriving December 8th.

One of the key criticisms of the title was that it lacked content to come back to on a consistent basis, which is the backbone of any type of live service game. The question really is will that be enough to bring people back? In an industry filled with live service, can just throwing more content out and hoping it gets picked up be enough? Only time will tell.

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