Star Citizen Reviews 2020 Development In New Video

Yeah, I know, the joke writes itself.

Star Citizen is, perhaps, one of the most interesting projects that’s ever been in gaming. The game is technically not even out yet, still in a relatively early alpha build. Despite that, it still amasses huge amounts of crowdfunding, which is still climbing to this day. Clearly, it’s doing something for someone, and for those people, it seems the developer wants to do a year in review.

The developer released a new video that highlights the game’s progress in 2020. I know, there’s some low hanging fruit to joke around about here, but it goes into details about the amount of ship detailing and things of that nature. Developers are also present, talking about what they felt they accomplished.

Star Citizen is available on PC in Alpha build currently. The developer has released something of a roadmap for the game as well as its announced single player component, Squadron 42, but it largely amounts to it just being ready when it’s ready. There is no time table in place for when the game will release as of now.

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