Star Trek: Resurgence is Out on May 23

star trek resurgence

Since its announcement in December 2021, Star Trek: Resurgence has been on the radar for quite a few people, given its promise of a narrative adventure title in the Star Trek universe developed by a studio comprised of former Telltale Games developers. In October last year, developer Dramatic Labs announced that the game had been delayed into April 2023, and while it still isn’t ready to launch quite yet, the developer has confirmed that it’s right around the corner.

Dramatic Labs has announced that Star Trek: Resurgence will launch on May 23. Set shortly after Star Trek: The Next Generation’s timeline, its story will revolve around the conflict between two alien civilizations, with Starfleet forced to intervene in order to keep the peace.

The interactive narrative title’s story will switch back and forth between two protagonists- Jara Rydek, the First Officer of the U.S.S. Resolution, and part of Starfleet’s diplomatic envoy led by Ambassador Spock; and engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz, who finds herself on the lower decks and is “caught up in the events in his own unique way.”

Dramatic Labs says players will “interact with the Star Trek universe like never before” and see “moments of authentic action and critical decisions that shape the broader narrative in subtle and unexpected ways.”

Star Trek: Resurgence will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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