Stardew Valley – Update 1.5 is Out Now for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

“Blue ground” bug on consoles currently being investigated.

Stardew Valley

Console users, take note – Stardew Valley’s update 1.5 is now available for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone tweeted about the release, noting that all other platforms should receive it soon as well. He also noted a “blue ground” bug on consoles that’s currently being investigated.

Said bug only occurs in “one specific area and is only a visual bug.” Nevertheless, an upcoming patch should address it. As for update 1.5, it’s the largest update for the life/farming simulator yet, adding local split-screen co-op, new NPCs and character events, new items and a new quest type. It also adds the Beach Farm as a new farm type.

Players can also customize their playthrough even more, remixing the Community Center bundles and monster spawns on their farm. New furniture types, music and secrets are also included, waiting to be discovered. Whether more updates for Stardew Valley can be expected in the coming days remains to be seen, especially with Barone working on two new titles set in the same universe.

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