Stellaris is Getting the New Toxoids Species Pack on September 20

Developer and publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that a new Species Pack for its sci-fi strategy game Stellaris, Toxoids, will launch on PC on September 20. Check out the trailer for the Toxoids Species Pack below.

Toxoids introduce new gameplay choices for players by presenting them with the option to gamble the future of their planet for short-term gains. The Species Pack features new origins, civics, and cosmetic options.

The Toxoids Species Pack will be released alongside a free update for Stellaris that includes general improvements to gameplay and stability.

New origins introduced in Toxoids include Knights of the Toxic God and Overtuned. Knights of the Toxic God involves the species digging up the toxic sludge in its homeworld to look for the secrets of its past. Overtuned has the species gain more and more traits while trading off its lifespan.

The new traits and civics all play into the Toxoids’ themes of pollution and the effects it might have had on the fictional species.

There is currently no word on whether the Toxoids Species Pack will make its way to the console versions of Stellaris.

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