Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition – Oro and Akira Out on August 16th, Online Tournament Mode Revealed

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition - Akira

In its Summer Update 2021 stream for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, the development team at Capcom confirmed release dates for Season 5 characters Oro and Akira Kazama. They’re both out on August 16th and details on their different V-Skills and V-Triggers were revealed. For instance, Oro’s V-Trigger 1 “Manrikitan” provides access to command grabs “Kishinriki” and “Kishin Kuchu Jigoku Gurama” which can be used on the ground and in mid-air respectively.

“Tengu Stone” also returns and allows for pulling in three random objects above Oro’s head to add additional damage or stun effects depending on their properties. Holding down on this will pull five objects, which is called “Tengu Midare Stone.” As for Akira, many of her classic moves from Rival Schools appear like “Kiko Kai” for close quarters energy attacks and “Senshubu” which offers three variations. Her V-Skill 2 “Tsutenda” is what allows for launching foes into the air for combos. And of course, she can call in her brother Daigo with V Trigger 1 “Otoko No Senaka.”

A new stage, Rival Riverside, will also be added and sees other Rival Schools characters – like Edge and Gan – making cameo appearances. Alongside the new characters, Online Tournament Mode is being released for all players. As the name implies, it lets players set up online tournaments with friends or Dojo members and tweak the rules accordingly. Capcom will also host its own tournaments for players to partake in with more details to come.

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