Street Fighter 6 Leaks Acknowledged by Capcom

Street Fighter 6_05

We’ve learned a great deal about Street Fighter 6 and some of its biggest new innovations in the last few days, and doubtless, as we get closer to its launch next year, we’re going to be learning plenty more. A lot of what Capcom has yet to officially unveil has spread like wildfire of late thanks to massive recent leaks though, from its roster of characters to some of the smaller details particular to a couple of those fighters.

Capcom, for its part, hasn’t remained entirely quiet. No, in fact, the company has responded to the leaks in pretty direct fashion- or, well, direct enough for it to be clear, at any rate. Taking recently to Twitter via the official Street Fighter account, Capcom wrote, “As residents of Metro City, we’ve all seen things we weren’t supposed to see, but we’re all in this together. We appreciate all the positive reactions. Thank you for the support!”

More than anything else, that would prove beyond any doubt the veracity of a lot of what’s leaked in the last few days- so if you’re looking to enter the game unspoiled and untainted by leaks, you know exactly what stuff you have to avoid (though that might prove harder than one might think, given how widespread these leaks are).

Street Fighter 6 is due out in 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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