Streets of Rage 4 Crosses 1.5 Million Downloads

A new balance patch buffs Axel and Cherry while making other changes.

Streets of Rage 4

Dotemu’s Streets of Rage 4 released to strong critical praise in April and has seen strong sales as well. According to publisher/developer Dotemu, the beat ’em up has had more than 1.5 million downloads since launch. Executive producer Cyrille Imbert thanked fans for their support in a recent press release.

“We couldn’t be happier with the reception of Streets of Rage 4. We thank the fans who have supported the game from day one—a lot of the updates in the patch enhance the replay value for folks who have been with us from the start. Additional updates are currently in production and we’ll have more to share on that soon.”

A hefty new update is also available, and provides some much needed buffs to Axel and Cherry. The former has faster move speed and less recovery on a few moves while the latter has received a damage buff along with flying punches during combos now being invincible. Furthermore, Specials and Star Moves can also interrupt any hitstun state on the ground while Specials can interrupt hit freezes.

For more details, check out some of the update notes below. Streets of Rage 4 is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s also playable on Xbox Game Pass and has some DLC coming up in the near future. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

General Gameplay Enhancements

  • Specials and star move can interrupt any hitstun state on ground.
  • Specials can interrupt hit freeze.
  • Faster jump start for Streets of Rage 4 characters.

Streets of Rage 4 Characters: Fixes and Enhancements

Axel (Streets of Rage 4)

  • Faster move speed.
  • Better recovery on-air special.
  • Added additional invincibility frames on grand upper start-up.
  • Added grand upper on the ground (OTG) property.
  • Grand upper travels farther.
  • Added neutral special OTG property.
  • Neutral special has less hit freeze.
  • Pipe swing has a less recovery.
  • Air special: all hits connect when OTG + ignore weight class.
  • Defensive cost lowered.
  • Rescaled damage on grand upper.
  • Forward special has a bigger hitbox.
  • Buff charge kick wall damage.
  • Infinite stun-lock on enemies are removed.
  • Special pipe goes farther.
  • Better recovery on combo.
  • Better damage on normal combo and star move.
  • Charge attack goes a little farther.

Cherry (Streets of Rage 4)

  • Cherry can jump cancel after uppercut combo and grab uppercut.
  • Added two frames stun on punches.
  • Flying punch from combo is fully invincible.
  • Cherry’s charged flying punch is invincible before hit.
  • Full invulnerability during fall is removed.
  • Special forward is faster.
  • Damage Buff.
  • Back throw works in corners.
  • Pogo kick can hit OTG.
  • Cherry damages are rescaled on normal combo.
  • Infinite head stomping fixed.
  • Cherry knee loop slightly nerfed.

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