Subnautica Developers to Unveil New Game on August 23 at Gamescom


Unknown Worlds, the studio behind story-based survival game Subnautica, has announced that it will be showing off its next game—not Subnautica 3—during the upcoming Gamescom event.

Announced over Twitter by Geoff Keighley, Unknown Worlds’ new game is set to be a new IP not based on Subnautica, and will feature a sci-fi setting. The reveal will also include gameplay. The game will be shown off on August 23.

Earlier this year, job listings for Unknown Worlds indicated that the studio was recruiting more developers for a new game set in the Subnautica universe. The studio is yet to make any official announcement about its plans for the next Subnautica game, however.

In 2021, Unknown Worlds had announced that it had been acquired by Krafton of PUBG: Battlegrounds fame. Despite being owned by Krafton, however, Unknown Worlds is set to operate independently from Krafton.

The most recent game in the Subnautica franchise, Subnautica: Below Zero, was released back in 2021. The game built on the strengths of the original Subnautica, which was already praised for its enticing gameplay loop coupled with interesting setting and story.

For more details about Subnautica: Below Zero, check out our review.

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