Surviving Mars Reaches 5 Million Unique Players

Paradox Interactive is planning “several content releases” for the colony builder in the coming year.

Surviving Mars_Space Race

In its interim financial report for January to March 2021, Paradox Interactive revealed an interesting stat for Surviving Mars. The colony builder, which first released in 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PS4, hit five million unique players. It also reiterated plans to showcase new content being developed by Abstraction Games with “several content releases” planned in the coming year.

Paradox also sees “great opportunities” in the game becoming part of its “core portfolio.” Such is the company’s focus that it revealed the cancellation of further development on two unannounced titles from other external studios. Originally, development for Surviving Mars was handled by Haemimont Games which released the last expansion Green Planet.

However, in March 2021, Paradox would restart development under Abstraction Games and confirmed that a fully-featured expansion was in development. Free content like the Tourist Update which adds new buildings like Hotels and Holiday Experience ratings. The developer also recently released the In-Dome Buildings Pack, developed in collaboration with a community modder named Silva, that brought eight new buildings and other options for housing to the game.

Time will tell if Surviving Mars can become as successful as Crusader Kings 3 or Stellaris so stay tuned.

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