Switch Hardware Sales Beat Xbox Series X|S and PS5 Combined Over the Same Period

This isn’t surprising, but still.

nintendo switch

File this one under “unsurprising, but newsworthy anyway”: the Nintendo Switch sold more than both the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 combined over the same period. That’s according to a report from Ampere Analysis, who report that the Switch sold 5.86 million units during Q1 2021, which is a 12% increase from the same period lat year.

By comparison, the Xbox Series X|S sold 1.31 million units during the same period. The PS5, while still behind the Switch, doubled the Xbox Series X|S numbers, coming in 2.83 million units in the same period. It should be noted that people want to buy both the Xbox Series X|S and the PS5. They just can’t.

Both consoles are suffering from stock shortages and unpredictable availability, largely due to the semiconductor shortage caused by the OCVID-19 pandemic. Scalping has also become a huge issue. Foxconn CEO Young Liu believes the shortage will last until mid-2022. Sony also doesn’t believe that they will meet demand this year. That said, Sony and Microsoft are not the only ones suffering from the only from chip shortages. Nintendo has also confirmed that the shortages have impacted Switch production, so the accomplishment is still impressive.

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