Switch Reportedly Sold More Than All PlayStation And Xbox Consoles Combined In 2020 In UK

Despite usually being weak in the market, Nintendo is doing well.

nintendo switch

Nintendo has hit quite the goldmine it seems with their latest console, the Switch. Whether or not its the hybrid nature of the machine or the incredible first party software hitting at the right time and place (or a combination of the two), the system continues to sell as we enter its fourth year on the market. Some are even predicting it’ll be the best selling system of 2021, despite new consoles on the market. If you want an idea of how strong the system is, the UK sales weighted heavily in its favor.

According to Christopher Dring, Head of GamesIndustry, Nintendo’s system sold more than all the PlayStation and Xbox consoles combined in the UK region. No numbers are given, and there’s obvious caveats to consider here such as the PS4 and Xbox One being in their twilight years and the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S having extreme stock limitations. Still, in a region where Nintendo is not generally the strongest, it’s still quite the impressive achievement.

There are rumors swirling around that a new Switch revision is set to also release this year, but as of now, most of Nintendo’s software output for 2021 is a total mystery.

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