System Shock Remake Shows off Exploration, Combat, and More in Lengthy Gameplay Trailer

system shock remake

Nightdive Studios’ System Shock remake has been in development for a while, and the wait for it certainly hasn’t been a short one- but it definitely seems to be shaping up nicely. All that we’ve seen of the sci-fi shooter (or immersive sim, to be more accurate) has looked promising, in that continues to be the case in another lengthy new gameplay trailer.

The trailer, showing roughly seven minutes of new gameplay footage, shows off quite a bit, with plenty of exploration, combat, hacking, different enemy types, and more being shown. At least in terms of things such as atmosphere and deliberate exploration, the game seems to be heading in the right direction- and those things are of paramount important in System Shock, of course, which means this is more than a little encouraging. Check it out below.

The System Shock remake is in the works for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but there’s no word on next-gen versions yet. A demo of the game was also released earlier this year.

Meanwhile, System Shock 3’s road has been much rockier. OtherSide Entertainment has run into more than a few troubles during the game’s development, though apparently, it’s still in the works.

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