Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Buff Cards, High-Speed Mode, and Other Changes Revealed

Tactics Ogre Reborn

Tactics Ogre: Reborn, Square Enix’s remaster of the 2010 tactical RPG classic, received some new gameplay and details at Tokyo Game Show 2022. The development team sat down to discuss some of the changes that fans could expect ahead of launch. As confirmed previously, levels are tied to characters instead of classes, and each character can have up to four items, four spells, and four spells in battles.

Before a battle begins, you can check the enemy types and layouts to choose the best party for the situation. Bonus objectives are also available, which provide more rewards upon completion, and there are new Buff Cards to collect. The latter provide different effects and can be stacked four times, but you may need to risk attacks from the enemy. If you leave them be, your enemies will swoop in and take them.

If battles feel too slow, then the new High-Speed Mode should help. It speeds up the pace of the battle without feeling too awkward. Changes have also been made to crafting, battle AI and more, so it’s worth checking out the full stream.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn is out on November 11th for PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. For more details on its gameplay, like Elements and Divine Protection, head here.

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