Tales of Arise Trailer Focuses on Shionne, Showcases Astral Artes

Tales of Arise - Shionne

Bandai Namco’s newest trailer for Tales of Arise is live and continuing from the introduction trailer for Alphen, it focuses on Shionne. As the second protagonist and a native of Rena, Shionne possesses the ability to electrocute anyone that touches her. Check it out below.

This works fairly well for Alphen, who’s not only lost his memories but can’t feel any pain. Shionne is also skilled in using Astral Artes, bombarding foes with various elemental magic while also firing from range with her rifle. She can also act as a support and heal the party when necessary. The trailer also sees Shionne walking out with her signature dress, which is a nice moment.

Tales of Arise is out on September 10th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Following Alphen and Shionne, expect separate introduction trailers for Rinwell, Hootle, Law, Kisara and Dohalim il Qaras. Stay tuned for other details and gameplay as well.

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