Tears of the Kingdom Guide – How To Farm Money, Unlimited Money

the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

Earning money in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the easiest it has ever been in a Zelda game. The open world sandbox is just so vast, with so many avenues for rupee farming, that the only reason you will find yourself dead broke is simply because you are getting distracted by the discovery of some new location to explore, or splurging it all on all the merchants in-game. This guide will help you with all your rupee requirements in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Wings Challenge

The Wings Challenge is the simplest of all money farming methods available to you, with an average return of 3.6K rupees profit per hour of farming. To do this, begin from Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower (2420, -2760, 0222) in East Necluda or the south-east corner of the Surface map. This tower provides the easiest route to get to Eventide Island (4508, 3500, 0000) where the NPC by the fire, named Sesami, will give you a mini-quest to accomplish.

On doing so, speak with him again, and complete part two of his quest. This effectively completes the Shrine here as well. Speak with Sesami yet again. From here ascend to where the NPCs named Branli and Mimo are waiting (4726, -3752, 0108) to offer you the Wings Challenge minigame. Pay up the 20 rupee fee and begin. Your objective is to land the Zonai Glider into the smallest circle at the center of the bull’s eye target location.

The cheese to getting the Glider to land perfectly is to use Recall on it, and canceling out instantly to kill any and all momentum, dropping the Glider down like a rock straight into the zone. Since the Glider comes to a dead halt, be sure that you are directly over the circle. Your reward is 100 rupees, for an 80 rupee profit. The entire gauntlet including reset takes about 80-90 seconds, making this rupee farm worth between 3,200 to 3,600 rupees per hour.

Prime and Gourmet Meat Farm

In the frozen wastelands of the Hebra Mountains (-1841, 2737, 0243) you will find one of the most lucrative hunting grounds in the game. Begin at the Snowfield Stable Well, where you will also find the most basic cold resistance ingredient you will need for this terribly cold region–Spicy Peppers. Use the cookpot in the emergency shelter to buff yourself up with the Spicy Sauteed Peppers recipe, with two of them in a dish granting you five minutes of single point cold resistance.

Even better would be if you own cold resistance gear with at least one point of cold resistance, in which case you are good to go to the target location without the food buff step. You will be relying on bows and arrows for hunting, so be sure to stock up on plenty of those as well, to account for durability losses and missed shots. Your final requirement is a horse to make pursuit of your prey easy on your stamina. From the Snowfield Stable proceed in a wide circle, with the stable at its center, keeping a sharp lookout for stags, deer, wolves, and bears, of which there will be plentiful numbers.

Once you are satisfied with your haul, head to a cookpot and cook five of every type of meat together at the same time, into Meat Skewers for 315 rupees each, as opposed to the meager 9 rupees cooked meat is normally valued at. Cooking five items together significantly increases the value of the end result, the formula being the sum of the individual value of each item in the recipe, with that total then multiplied by 1.8. This is true for all recipes, and variations of individual ingredients used. The list below displays the increase in value corresponding to number of ingredients:

  • 1 Ingredient = 1.2X Individual Sale Value
  • 2 Ingredients = 1.3X Sum Total of the Individual Sale Values
  • 3 Ingredients = 1.4X Sum Total of the Individual Sale Values
  • 4 Ingredients = 1.6X Sum Total of the Individual Sale Values
  • 5 Ingredients = 1.8X Sum Total of the Individual Sale Values

Amiibo Scanning

This one is not for everyone, since it requires prior ownership of Amiibos. But if you own any, simply scan them everyday for a surprise reward including one-time armor pieces that can be sold for as much as 600 rupees each. The cheese here is you can set the system date to 24 hours in the future and then immediately scan the Amiibo again for another gift.

Rinse and repeat to your heart’s content. A lot of the non-armor rewards are valuable in their own right, whether as ingredients in high-value recipes and elixirs, or individually to certain NPC merchants. Another potential cheese, if you have the patience, is to save the game before scanning the Amiibo, so that you can reload if dissatisfied with the reward.

Feed Luminous Ore to Dondons

In the Bronas Forest (1538, -3372, 0065) are Dondons, buffalo-like creatures to whom you can feed Luminous Stone. Simply set it down in front of their faces, and wait till they chomp down on it. Repeat for each Dondon in the area, making sure that they have consumed the Luminous Stone before you leave the locality. Come back in a few hours, to find an assortment of gemstones scattered about the ground, some as singles, others in pairs. The exact mechanics behind this are undetermined, whether it is the specific rewards or the timing of the conversion. It just works, so try it out!

There is so much to see and do in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom you will eventually find some opportunity or the other of your very own to earn rupees. It could be seeking out every single cave to mine precious ore. Or farming dragons. Or special events based on the moon’s schedule. So keep a sharp eye out and your pockets full of money!

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