Tekken 8 Guide – How to Perform Heat Dash, Hard Floor Break, Wall Blast, Wall Bound and More

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As part of the new Heat System in Tekken 8, players can perform a Heat Burst by pressing the Right Bumper on Xbox Series X/S or R1 on PS5. Press it again to perform a Heat Smash and deplete your Heat Meter. However, you can also enter the Heat State by pressing Right Punch and Left Kick (Y + A on Xbox, Triangle + X on PS5). So how do you perform a Heat Dash, an instant dash towards an opponent?

How to Perform Heat Dash

Certain moves that players perform can also directly put them in the Heat State, and they’ll run towards an opponent afterwards. These are known as Heat Engagers, and they vary depending on the character. Perform a Heat Engager again when in the Heat State and hold forward to perform a Heat Dash. You can then continue a combo or end with a Heat Smash.

How to Perform Wall Blasts, Hard Floor Breaks and More

With all the new mechanics and systems that Tekken 8 offers, the environmental interactions are perhaps the most underrated. You can still break through walls and railings, but some stages have new effects which can affect your strategy (for better or worse). Others, like Floor Blast, only appear in a single stage (which we’ll avoid spoilers for), but here’s how to perform everything else.

How to Perform a Hard Floor Break

The Floor Break returns, causing floors in certain stages to break after slamming an opponent down into them. If the floor breaks, both combatants will drop and depending on your opponent’s state, you can continue combos against them. What is a Hard Floor Break? It’s where two hits are required to break the floor instead of one, and new with Tekken 8.

How to Perform a Hard Wall Break

Wall Breaks are also back, allowing you to smash opponents through walls in some stages. Hard Wall Breaks are also new and require two hits. Your opponent will be sent flying when the interaction is complete in a Bound state.

How to Perform a Wall Blast

In specific stages, hitting your opponent into certain walls will trigger an explosion that sends them flying. The difference between this and a Hard Wall Break is that they’ll land in front of you, allowing you to continue juggling them.

How to Perform a Wall Bound

Like a Wall Blast, you can hit an opponent into walls in certain stages and cause an explosion. They’ll go flying and land behind you, ripe for the picking.

Tekken 8 is out now for PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S. Check out our review, where we awarded it a 9 out of 10.

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