Tell Me Why Chapter 3 is Now Available

Dontnod’s latest narrative adventure is now complete.

Tell Me Why_02

The third and final episode for Dontnod’s Tell Me Why is out now on PC and Xbox One along with Xbox Game Pass. The first episode launched on August 27th while the second followed just a week later. Considering the criticism levied at the developer for long gaps between episodes in its games, this is a pretty good change of pace.

The story follows the Ronan twins, Alyson and Tyler, as they return to Alaska to visit their childhood home. Tyler had a rough upbringing but the truth behind the events that affected the twins, and their mother, will need to be unraveled. Throughout the game, players will experience the memories of each twin separately and attempt to reconcile the truth.

Depending on the truth that one believes, the overall outcome of the story can change. Tell Me Why is also noteworthy for featuring the first transgender protagonist in Tyler, which plays a big part in the story. For fans of Life is Strange, it’s worth experiencing the tale and seeing how their choices affect the ending.

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