Terraria Coming to Stadia on March 18th

Re-Logic backtracks on its initial cancellation of the Stadia version.


Re-Logic’s Terraria will be available to Google Stadia users on March 18th according to the platform’s official Twitter. Last month, Re-Logic founder Andrew Spinks had cancelled the title after losing access to his Google account for three weeks. Though Spinks said that doing business with Stadia was a “liability,” the developer later backtracked and said it would allow the Stadia launch to proceed.

Having launched in 2011, Terraria is considered as one of the best sandbox titles of all time. It’s set in a 2D world where players can build, mine, explore and discover different loot. Though often compared to Minecraft, Terraria sets itself apart with a more in-depth loot system, classes and multitudes of bosses. It’s sold 30 million copies across all of its platforms as of April 2020.

Last year, Terraria received its final update with “Journey’s End” which added Master Mode, new enemies and bosses like the Empress of Light and Journey Mode. This is in addition to all of the new items, NPCs, mechanics and quality of life changes. For more details, check out our official review here.

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