Terraria Crossover Update Adds Enemies from Don’t Starve

Terraria - 10th anniversary

As teased by Re-Logic last week, monsters from Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve are coming to Terraria. In a new “State of the Game” post on Steam, the developer revealed that it’s working with Klei “to make both sides of this crossover worthy of the fanbases – and authentic to the gameplay – of each of these amazing titles.”

As the GIF for Don’t Starve indicates, the Eye of Cthulhu is coming to Don’t Starve while Deerclops will be terrorizing Terraria. These won’t be the only foes making the leap, though Re-Logic says we’ll have to wait “just a bit longer” to discover who else is joining the party. Expect a tough challenge in both titles either way.

Terraria is currently available for a number of platforms including Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PC, iOS and Android. It’s “last” major update was Journey’s End which added a heap of new content and modes but the developer isn’t done supporting the sandbox title just yet. Stay tuned for more details on this crossover update in the coming weeks.

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