Terraria Gets New Changes, Features and Quality of Life Updates in Patch 1.4.4, Out Now

terraria labor of love

Terraria has just received a major update that adds new content, quality of life changes, and a new difficulty mode. The update, numbered at 1.4.4, is titled Labor of Love. Check out the complete, and rather lengthy, patch notes on the official forums.

Alongside quality of life features like the new Shellfone item that allows players to choose where their magic mirror teleports the and an overhaul to how the game’s inventory works, the update also adds new features like the “Zenith” world seed, which is described by studio Re-Logic as “the true Magnum Opus of Terraria World Seeds”.

The Zenith world seed combines features from every other Terraria world seed in existence, and has some of its own more unique features. Zenith is set to be the hardest of all Terraria world seeds. Another world seed, “Don’t Dig Up”, flips the game around and has players start in the underworld, building their way up.

Terraria‘s combat has also been changed, with several weapons getting buffed and reworked for balance changes. For example, broardsword-class weapons—a category that also includes pickaxes, axes, hammers, and hamaxes—will now use local immunity frames on hit. This essentially changes how projectile swords work at melee range.

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