The Ascent Developers Tease New Expansion, Celebrate First Anniversary

the ascent

The Ascent is celebrating its first anniversary by teasing future content for the game. Neon Giant Games has taken to Twitter to release a short video tease for The Ascent‘s first major expansion.

“We’re humbled by the support and love we’ve had since launch,” said the studio on Twitter. “Thank you to our awesome community for sticking with us and for playing a game!”

“Gear up for an all new contract,” says the ominous text in the short teaser video on Twitter.

The Ascent is an action RPG set in a cyberpunk world. Players can take on contracts as they fight their way through seedy underbellies and take on megacorps.

Originally released on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, The Ascent finally made its way on to PS4 and PS5 earlier this year. The Ascent also got a hefty update earlier this year, adding New Game Plus to the game.

With the release of New Game Plus earlier in the year, Neon Giant has fulfilled its original roadmap for the game, and the new expansion the studio just teased will likely lay the groundwork for more content down the line.

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