The Callisto Protocol Reveals New Details on Enemy Types and Underground Location, “Below”

the callisto protocol

The Callisto Protocol will take players to an abandoned high security prison on Jupiter’s dead moon, Callisto, and while that sounds like an excellent enough setting for a sci-fi survival horror game in and of itself, there are going to be several layers to it.

And I’m talking about actual layers. In a PlayStation Blog post, developer Striking Distance Studios has revealed a new location, called Below, which, appropriately enough, is a network of underground tunnels and passageways beneath the aforementioned prison. In terms of its aesthetics, its grounded and grimy look is going to provide a contrast to the sci-fi look of the rest of the game, according to director of environment art Aasim Zubair.

[Below is unique] because the majority of it is based off real-world materials and shapes,” Zubair says. “Instead of the rugged sci-fi design cues that dominate many of the game’s other environments, Below allows the player to feel grounded in something familiar and relatable while also letting them look into the past of humanity’s first attempt to colonize the dead moon.”

Interestingly, according to Zubair, Below will also provide “a great opportunity for exploration, hidden areas, creepiness and a chance to use the space for compelling environmental storytelling.”

Meanwhile character director Glauco Longhi has also provided more details on the Biophages, which will serve as the primary monstrous enemies you’ll be crossing paths with in The Callisto Protocol. “We started with the idea of infected humans so that part of the fear is what happened to them could also happen to you,” he says.

Of the 10-11 unique enemy types The Callisto Protocol will feature, the Grunts will be the lowest in the food chain, as their name suggests. “[Grunts] bridge the gap between humans and more monstrous creatures, [their] silhouettes, proportions and anatomy is somewhat close to humans,” says Longhi.

Then there are the Rushers, which have a “contortionist, crooked sort of motion with twisted joints and limbs”, and can sprint, leap on players, and even walk on walls. Another enemy type, called the Blind, was also previous revealed- read more on that through here.

The Callisto Protocol launches on December 2 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out its PC requirements through here. The game’s season pass was also recently detailed– it will include a story expansion, new death animations, the wave-based Riot mode, and more.

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