The Callisto Protocol’s Japanese Release Has Been Cancelled

the callisto protocol

Developer Striking Distance Studios has announced that the Japanese release of The Callisto Protocol is being cancelled.

According to a roughly-translated tweet made by the game’s Japanese Twitter account, the studio is discontinuing its work on the Japanese release of The Callisto Protocol owing to the fact that the game has been unable to pass the requirements to be certified by Japanese ratings board CERO.

The studio has also stated that getting CERO certification would require making changes to the game’s content that the studio believes would not reflect the experience its players would expect. Japanese players who pre-ordered the game will be getting refunded.

The Callisto Protocol had gone gold last week, which means that the game is on target for its December 2 release. The upcoming horror game will feature violent gameplay, as well as other neat features like a performance mode that enables a stable 60fps frame rate.

The Callisto Protocol is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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