The Division 2 “Agent Briefing” Video Coming Tomorrow at 7 AM PST

the division 2 warlords of new york

Ubisoft Massive’s The Division 2 will receive a new “Agent Briefing” tomorrow at 4 PM CEST/7 AM PST, as revealed on the Ubisoft Forums. The pre-recorded video airs on Twitch and will help “recap all the key beats” currently going on in the game and “the coming months.”

The developer confirmed that Year 5 of content is in development with Season 10 beginning this month. The latter adds a new Manhunt, new gear and weapons, two Apparel Events, Tidal Basin and Manning National Zoo Legendary Strongholds and new difficulties for Countdown (though the Warlords of New York expansion must be owned). Feedback on the new Countdown difficulties will be gathered via a new public test server launching in August.

Ubisoft Massive also confirmed that a new game mode (in addition to other content) was coming with Season 11 in December. Additional details were to be revealed at the next Special Report livestream, so perhaps we’ll see more tomorrow along with what Season 10 has in store. Stay tuned for further details.

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