The Division is Getting a Standalone Battle Royale Game – Rumour

the division 2

Ubisoft clearly has big plans for The Division as a franchise- or at least seems to think that its flexible enough to be able to branch out in multiple areas for the company. The Division 2 is, of course, continuing to receive content, while Ubisoft also as free-to-play title The Division Heartland and mobile game The Division Resurgence in the works.

As it turns out though, there might be even more in the development that Ubisoft hasn’t yet spoken about. Journalist Jeff Grubb recently said during an episode of his Game Mess Decides podcast that the Ubisoft has a standalone battle royale game in The Division universe in development. Apparently, the game was in the works a while back but got cancelled last year due to negative responses from playtesters.

After the shuttering of Hyper Scape though, Ubisoft allegedly decided to bring the game back, since it really wants a successful battle royale game. According to Grubb, the company is retooling the battle royale The Division title, which will also have some roguelite elements.

As things stand right now, the aforementioned The Division Heartland is expected to launch sometime before April 2023, though given all the recent Ubisoft delays and cancellations, it’s hard to be too sure about any of the company’s plans right now.

A Ubisoft Forward event is set for September 10, where, among other things, the company will talk about the future of Assassin’s Creed.

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