The House of the Dead: Remake is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

house-of-the-dead remake

If you’ve been pining for some classic, arcade shooting (minus the lightgun), then there’s good news – The House of the Dead: Remake is now available on Nintendo Switch courtesy of MegaPixel Studio and Forever Entertainment. It features revamped visuals but maintains the over-the-top action and gruesomeness of the original. Check out the launch trailer below.

Two player local multiplayer is supported and contemporary controls should make it easier for new players to hop in. For long-time fans, there are multiple endings, Achievements, an Armory with various unlockable weapons and a new mode where you battle hordes of zombies. Almost like a “Horde Mode”, if you will.

Photo Mode and Gallery Mode, allowing one to capture images and check out the various foes and bosses respectively. The House of the Dead: Remake is currently exclusive to Nintendo Switch but could come to other platforms like PS4 (based on an image found on the PlayStation Network’s backend, as per Reddit). Stay tuned for further announcements.

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