The Last Batch Of PS Vita Games Is Arriving On July 20th

ps vita

While Sony has now confirmed that the PS Vita digital storefront will be online for the future, it has also come to light that the Tokyo-based giant will no longer consider any more submissions for the platform – and the last batch of new releases will be dropping tomorrow i.e. July 20th.

As Push Square has noted, a couple of indie developers have reached out to them to confirm that their games would be releasing tomorrow. Russian Subway Dogs is an arcade experience from Spooky Squid Games, and Ultra Mission is an endless top-down shooter from developer Gumbo Machine.

The ceasing of submissions for the PS Vita storefront signifies that Sony is making half-hearted efforts to address the issue. In addition to this debacle, Sony has had a rough few months – with controversies related to its handling of indie developers, its cross-play restrictions, its egregious pricing model for the Director’s Cut for Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding, and many more.

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