The Medium Dev Explains Xbox Series X/S Console Exclusivity, No Current Plans to Launch on PS5

“It’s an outcome of our relations with Microsoft,” says the developer.

The Medium

The Medium developers Bloober Team have mentioned that their horror game would not have been possible on current-gen console hardware, owing to its patented Dual Reality gameplay. As far as the upcoming next-gen consoles are concerned, however, the horror title still isn’t going to be available on all of them. Launching as a console exclusive for Xbox Series X/S, questions about whether The Medium will eventually show up on PS5 have been asked regularly.

It was a question we recently asked the developers as well, and their response was what you would expect it to be- with their focus solely on PC and Xbox for now, they have no current plans to bring the game to PS5. “For now, we are focusing on Xbox X and S and PC, so currently we do not have any other platforms planned,” the developer said.

When asked about why they decided to launch The Medium as an Xbox console exclusive, the developer said it was due to a number of reasons, including their relationship with Microsoft.

It’s an outcome of our relations with Microsoft, the hardware we needed, and how our development progress and Microsoft’s plans for Xbox Series X align,” the developer said. “The bottomline it’s an exciting adventure bringing The Medium as one of the first games for Xbox Series X.”

Bloober Team also launched Blair Witch as an Xbox console exclusive last year, but did eventually end up bringing it to PlayStation as well, so it seems likely that they’ll end up doing the same for The Medium as well. For now though, it seems Xbox will be the only place console gamers will be able to get their hands on the horror game.

Originally due out on December 10, following its recent delay, The Medium will now launch for Xbox Series X/S and PC on January 28, 2021. If you plan on playing the game on PC, you can check out its (rather hefty) system requirements through here.

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