The Medium Developer Explains Dual-Reality Gameplay in New Video

Still confused on how these segments work? Bloober Team breaks it down.

The Medium_01

Bloober Team’s The Medium won’t be launching alongside the Xbox Series X/S next month but it’s still worth following. This is in part due to the Dual-Reality gameplay, which sees protagonist Marianne exploring the real and spiritual worlds at the same time. In a new “Premonition” video on Twitter, the developer provided a refresher on how the mechanic works.

If you’ve missed previous gameplay trailers for the same, the Dual-Reality mechanic has both worlds on-screen at the same time. Marianne’s physical body is synced with her spirit as both navigate their respective environments simultaneously. Certain actions in the spiritual world can affect the real world and you might have to focus on one world during these segments to progress forward.

Interestingly, Dual-Reality gameplay will make up “about two thirds” of one’s total time with the game. For the remainder, Marianne will either traverse the real world or the spirit world and attempt to survive. The Medium releases on December 10th for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Stay tuned for more details en route to its launch.

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