The Medium – Dual Art Style Detailed in Behind the Scenes Video

Learn more about the team’s choice of colors for the different worlds.

The Medium_03

Bloober Team recently released extensive gameplay footage for The Medium, showcasing its horror and Dual Reality gameplay. But how did it go about creating the art style for the mechanic? In a new behind the scenes video, it explores the art direction and color palette that represents each reality. Check it out below.

The Medium is about Marianne, a psychic who ventures to an abandoned hotel resort to resolve a tragedy. While traversing the physical location, she also has the ability to explore the spirit world and solve puzzles. In some cases, both worlds can be experienced simultaneously, one influencing the other. Mixed up in all of this is The Maw, a strange monster that’s on the hunt and is involved in the tragedy.

The Medium is out on January 28th for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will also be available day one on Xbox Game Pass. For more details on the game’s technical qualities, especially when it comes to the different ray-tracing modes, head here.

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