The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition Announced for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC

The Outer Worlds - Spacer's Choice Edition

Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division have finally announced The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Along with the base game and DLC, namely Murder on Eridanos and Peril on Gorgon, it features improved visuals and performance, higher-resolution environments, and much more. Check out the reveal trailer below.

The Outer Worlds is a first-person shooter/RPG where players navigate Halcyon and other neighboring planets after awakening from cryo-sleep. By making different choices, you can recruit companions, change the direction of the narrative, and gain fervor from different factions. The Spacer’s Choice Edition even has a higher level cap, providing more ways to customize your character.

If you own The Outer Worlds and its DLC on any platform, you can upgrade to the Spacer’s Choice Edition for the latest console in the same family or on the same PC storefront at a reduced price. It’s out on March 7th – stay tuned for more details and gameplay. You can also check out our review for the base game here.

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