The Quarry’s Online Multiplayer Mode Delayed to July 8th

The Quarry

Supermassive Games’ new horror title The Quarry is out in roughly two weeks, having gone gold on April 29th. While it launches with the single-player campaign, couch co-op and Movie Mode, online multiplayer won’t be available. In a new tweet, director Will Byles announced a delay to online play.

It’s now slated to release on July 8th in a separate update. This was done in order to deliver “the best possible experience” for players. In the meantime, couch co-op will support up to eight players with each controlling a different character and making decisions to influence their fate (and that of others).

Releasing on June 10th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC, The Quarry sees a group of teenage counselors celebrating the end of Summer Camp. Celebration quickly turns to horror though as they find themselves hunted by the bloodthirsty locals (and something else more dangerous). For more details, check out the overview trailer.

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