The Valiant Trailer Details Heroic Companions and Their Skills

the valiant

KITE Games’ squad-based RTS The Valiant has received a new trailer, focusing on the companions encountered throughout the story. Each has unique skills and can join protagonist Theoderich to aid his cause.

There’s Grimhild Eidottr, the captain of the Raven Company, who uses two-handed spears or a spear and shield. She can throw javelins or utilize Hedge Formation, with the latter pairing well with the Raven’s Nest skill to aggro enemies and force them to attack her squad. You can also use Ulfheddin Charge, an Offensive Tree skill for charging straight into foes and dealing immense damage.

There’s also Konrad, an archer wielding a bow or crossbow who can either set traps or unleash volleys of arrows. He also has “Blunt Projectiles”, a Defensive tree skill that exposes enemies, increases the damage and limits Fortitude regeneration. Other companions like Reinhard von Kempte and Gascoigne du Corban are also featured so check out the trailer for more details.

The Valiant is in development for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. No release date has been provided, but it’s reportedly “coming soon.”

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